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Ladies and gentlemen, first of all I really would like to say thanks, thank you very much for your very good kindness to come and visit Cambodia .
Well, my name is Phally , i live and work for tourism in Cambodia . i spent my 15 years of experience in tourism with tourist transportation service  , then i also have tried to complete by myself  to learn , to practice and to continue my favorite job so that i could be of an excellent service to accompany and to become useful and helpful service  to serve the visitors from over the world . even if the most lovely parts of my experiences,  i began with small part of tourism such as Motorbike Taxi Driver , and then i was also such as TukTuk Taxi Driver ... and thank to special opportunity and wonderful lucky life, now i also have type of Transportation service by Car and Minivan 
phally guia espanol camboya
The nicest ambitious mission in my life  is now going to imagine that  i could be one of the best travel advisor and local travel agency within special educated and reliable one. i speak English as main base for general communications. However French and Spanish which is used usually speak well for my daily work with these nationalities who spoken these languages.

Please pay attention that Phally now is also Travel Agent who will help all visitors to create or organize speacial travel to all best destinations around Cambodia.
Thank to confident attitude and because i may have sufficent of excellent experiences within highly recommended from my previous customers who realized about my services. So now I could venture to describe myself as one who I could be  very reliable and responsible service wih total of trust !   

My genuine service is to supply the tourism and transportation service. I am Cambodian who think that I could demonstrate you about Cambodian daily life especially about the rural life, culture, custom, tradition and many other mysteries in Cambodia. Truthfully, I could speak fluent Spanish, English, French for general conversation usage and I hope that it is good enough to accompany you during your marvelous travel in kingdom of wonder. Despite, we are not able to oral converse, we could still converse in voice message, live chat, video call or voice call.
I just noted that my previous customers became my teachers as the wished to teach me by their good will.
Tourism service providers may be qualified in 2 sectors: I am one a typical second type because I was born during chaotic era that’s why I lost the chance to be a tour guide. I was upset with what I missed but I am still happy as in present day I am able to provide and facilitate the tourism service in Cambodia.  Moreover, I am very proud as all my customers have supported me from now on.

Based on my experiences with my previous customers, they did not need the professional tour guide. In addition to that, the tour guide is optional. It is not your obligation to hire a tour guide. According to this, it is my fortune that I am able to accompany and assist you closely compared to tour guide. I have got customers nearly every day. I hope that I keep having new customers. All these outcomes are because my previous customers who are very trustful, confident and introductive with my service. Sometimes, I feel that myself is a tour guide who could demonstrate the customers, safe driving to everywhere upon their request and my suggestion, based on what I mentioned above.
Somehow, I am addicted to photography. That’s why the customers always asked me to take photo for them. I like to take a secret photo as the owner did not know that it was shot. I am aware that my post script is to stimulate you about my service. You may either choose me with or without tour guide.
You may either customize itinerary by your own or I may suggest you. Please kindly let me know about it so I may try my best to arrange for you to suite your need and wish. Eco, agro-tourism, cultural, natural, adventure, and other types of tourism in Cambodia is applied in my services based on typical and unique general life. Just a brief reminder that honesty is the most valuable thing. I hope it will bring back all the good deed.

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