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Complete Cambodia Travel Guide

A meaning of holiday is defined as leisure time which is devoted to rest of works or having time to pleasure.   Holiday is to surrender freedom with travel in knowledge of excited destinations.  when you would want to explore or to adventure ,  while now i am provoke or recommend you to spend your holiday in Cambodia, then you had always wanted to do whatever your desires to visit here which is very appreciated opportunities to let to us (Cambodian) to be your special choice for marvelous creation of the unforgettable memorial activities for Holiday . 

Cambodia are described to be  the best travel destinatios in Aisa , main part of the world to travel and spend beautiful holiday .
there are a lot  special places where one can be mystified by the grandeur and charms of ancient cities or be lovely by the distinct cultural activities that are recognised  the most interesting place in the continent of Asia.

Cambodia For Travel awaits you !

Some excellent activities to learn an entertain  your holiday to visit to Cambodia.

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Angkor wat is the magic and majestic temples whichever become the internationally recognized symbol  of   Ancient Khmer civilization , it may any doubt a wonder of religious architectural world . 
Angkor Thom is largest square city around which king erected a high wall to protect  the capital city of his kingdom against further attacks from the enemies neighboring Chams. The gates of Angkor Thom and their enigmatic face-towers seems to be great welcome you to visit the Royal Palace  Area which was the special site of Khmer power for many centuries . 
At the center of the capital Angkor , Bayon is located as main state temple  and  is the last largest and complex temple built in this area at the end of 13th century . It symbolized the epicenter of the kingdom and is also the symbol of religious and mythological universe . 
Angkor is the large religious area located at the north of Tonle Sap Lake where the kings used to choose  for their capital city from 9th to 15th century . They left for posterity an incredible legacy in stone , the main temple was built to house the gods or divinities of Hindu and Buddhist  worshipped in ancient South East Asia . 
All the temples are the intricacies of Khmer history , religion and arts of architecture a clear and pleasant fashion . A little more than 80 temples or sites giving main travel at any time during the visit the information needed to locate and understand the mythological scenes which decorate the monuments.

Please use this CAMBODIA FOR TRAVEL  , admin by Phally will help you to arrange all travel's information with type of transportation and  official license tour guide  for relax and enjoy your wonderful travel in Angkor ....

Have a nice tour with my information to share you some idea of travel in archeological park of Angkor .  


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