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Cambodia itineraries nd destinations

The temples at Angkor Archeological Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia are truly some of the most exceptional places to visit in Southeast Asia. Most tourists had been to zone twice before and on each of my multi-day tours around the temple complexes, the marvelous sights never failed to amaze. One thing that It didn’t utterly appreciate though were the huge crowds. originally made this 3-day itinerary for  tourist, who planned to visit Siem Reap. It was designed to avoid two major inconveniences:
  1. The crowds at three of my favorite temples: Angkor Wat, Bayon, and Ta Prohm and Preah Khan
  2. The overbearing heat during the mid-day and early afternoon sun.
You may notice that the routes are hybrids of the conventional “small circuit” and “gran circuit” tours. If you are really into ancient architectures and history, three days will not be enough for a comprehensive visit. This itinerary is more suited for those who want to squeeze as many of the main sightseeing in those three days and to get to visit some of the lesser-known yet remarkable temples.

Also, frequently visited temples that appear too similar to the main sites were either not included or marked as “optional.” we may visit those places if you still have ample time.

This is a full 3-day itinerary. If you are going to follow it from start to finish, you will have to stay in Siem Reap for at least five days to account for your arrival and departure days.

included important things to prepare and detailed step-by-step tips. Cambodia For Travel will await to assist all visitors requirments .

Followed by a map guide, recommended places to stay & extra tips that can help you save money and time.

Our Travel Itinerary

Our best Siem Reap Itinerary Options

Small Circuit Tour

siem reap

Angkor thom, the famouse city in Angkor which is accupied the area of 9 kilometters square and onward to Bayon , the expressive temple with more than 200 smiling faces of Buddha an...Read more...

Siem Reap Floating Village and Temple

kampong phluk.jpg

One day is enough for a touring to beautiful temple settled outside Angkor archaeological park and the magnificent natural resoruce of Siem Reap, the floating village at Kampong Ph...Read more...

Koh Ker and Beng Mealea

beng mealea

Our Siem Reap professional driver and tour guide will pick you up at your hotel, then you will start your tip to Beng Mealea temple which is about 59km from Koh Ker. It is surround...Read more...

Angkor Wat 5 Day Itinerary

travel guide.jpg

Angkor Wat 5 Day Itinerary (5D-4N) is a 5 day 4 night tour itinerary in Siem Reap, Angkor. You will have enough time to discover everything in Siem Reap, Angkor with both cultural ...Read more...

Angkor Wat 4 Day Tour

at floating village.jpg

Angkor Wat 4 Day Tour (4D-3N) is a mainly focused in Angkor Wat and other Angkor temples in few days and another day at Kampong Phluk floating village on Tonle Sap Lake. Angkor Wat...Read more...

Angkor Temples & Tonle Sap Kayak Tour


Angkor Temples & Tonle Sap Kayak Tour (4D-3N) is a 4 day 3 night package tour in Siem Reap and is a mixture between Angkor Temples and Tonle Sap Kayak Tour. You will enjoy the scen...Read more...

Angkor and Bird Sanctuary

siem reap.jpg

Angkor Temple Excursion & Bird Sanctuary (6D-5N) is the combination of with Angkor temple tour, Kulen Mountain, Beng Mealea, Mechrey floating village and Prek Toal bird sanctuary. ...Read more...

Angkor Classic Tour

siem reap.jpg

Angkor Classic Tour (3D-2N) is the best 3 day tour itinerary at Angkor temples and Kampong Phluk floating village on Tonle Sap Lake in Siem Reap....Read more...

Angkor Adventure Tour

daily activity.jpg

Angkor Adventure Tour Package (7D-6N) is a 7 day 6 night package tour for adventure. It is our best choice of Cambodia adventure package. You will enjoy many types of adventure in ...Read more...

Siem Reap Phnom Penh Itinerary

about cambodia for travel.jpg

Siem Reap Phnom Penh Itinerary (5D-4N) is the best package tour for traveler who wish to visit both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in 5 days. Siem Reap Phnom Penh Itinerary (5D-4N)​​...Read more...

Cambodia 6 Day Itinerary

kampong phluk.jpg

Cambodia 6 Day Itinerary (6D-5N) is another package tour with the combination of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in 6 days. You will experience the real Cambodia is. The two main cities i...Read more...

Cambodia in 15 Days

preah vihear.jpg

15 Days in Cambodia (15D-14N) is another long day in Cambodia which you will be able to visit every main regions in Cambodia. You will spend your 15 days to every main region of at...Read more...

Cambodia in 10 Days

kampong cham.jpg

10 Day Cambodia Tours (10D-9N) is another package tour option for travelers who wish to travel only 3 main regions in Cambodia. Those are Phnom Penh, Kampong Thom and Siem Reap. Yo...Read more...

Cambodia in 11 Days


11 Day Cambodia Tours (11D-10N) is the ultimate package tour from the combination of Siem Reap, Kampong Thom and Phnom Penh in 11 days and 10 nights. It is long enough for travel w...Read more...

Cambodia Beach Tours


Cambodia Beach Tours (12D-11N) is the best Cambodia package tour option for travelers who are the fan of seaside and beach. It is the combination of Sihanoukville beach tours and o...Read more...

Northern Cambodia Tours


Northern Cambodia Tours (14D-13N) is the best Cambodia package tour for traveler who wish to visit the fabulous nature of the northern part of Cambodia. You will spend 14 days and ...Read more...

Ultimate 20 days in Cambodia


Ultimate 20 days in Cambodia (20D-19N) is the biggest and longest Cambodia package tour available. It will bring you to every main regions in Cambodia. It is 20 days in duration. E...Read more...

Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary Tour

kampong phluk.jpg

Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary Tour is a full day tour bird watching and boat ride on Tonle Sap Lake biosphere....Read more...

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